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9780747592396 - William Boyd: Restless - Livre
William Boyd (?):

Restless (2007) (?)

ISBN: 9780747592396 (?) ou 074759239X, en français, 336 pages, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Livre de poche, Utilisé

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Du vendeur/antiquaire, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
In December, 2012 The Sundance Channel will air the BBC-produced film RESTLESS starring Charlotte Rampling, Michael Gambon, Hayley Atwell, and Rufus Sewell, based on this novel by William Boyd.Someone is trying to kill Sally Gilmartin. It is the summer of 1976, and the only person she can trust is her daughter, Ruth, a young single mother struggling with her own demons. Now Sally must tell her daughter the truth: She is actually Eva Delectorskaya, a Russian émigré recruited for the British Secret Service in 1939. Soon Ruth is drawn deeper into the astonishing events of her mother's past, including her work in New York City manipulating the press in order to shift public sentiment toward U.S. involvement in Second World War and her dangerous love affair with another spy. Ruth also discovers that her mother has one final assignment. This time, though, Eva can't do it alone―she needs Ruth's help. Full of tension and drama, emotion and history, this is storytelling at its finest., Paperback, Label: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2007-07-30, Studio: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Numéro de commande de plate-forme HO9XLWBywNwZWcfG9yE%2BC%2F8q5t %2FHiGDbmSJZLuE1PwL%2BrOawgK3T pD9epnQ0%2F0oyzzcwUt9SwW56w%2F s%2Bu80glU3rCgjakzhd1sw68pRVkd pM1lb1db0PP2RIYU2BTVl%2FOV3qJi 2iQtyoqKoDWgs2NR%2Bk4rA2XyGV
Mots-clés: Books, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary
Données de 08-02-2016 11:12h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-7475-9239-X, 978-0-7475-9239-6


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